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The designated Qualified Professional shall provide the direct care staff with the below information essential to
serving the clients of Children Under Construction Residential facility.  The client’s primary Referring Agency will
contact the residential facility for placement once the client’s needs have been identified.

Individual Admission Assessments will be completed by the Qualified Professional or the Residential Manager and
the client’s Referring Agency.  This assessment will be done prior to admission and documented in the client’s
record.  Assessments for children will include, but are not limited to, the following reasons for admission to the
residential facility.

  • Child’s presenting problem
  • Client’s needs and strengths
  • A provisional or admitting diagnosis with an established diagnosis determined within 30 days of admission.
  • A pertinent social, family, and medical history, and
  • Evaluations or assessments as appropriate to the client’s needs.
  • Medical/health examinations within 30 days prior to admission to include:
  • Assurance that the client is able to participate in the program, noting any communicable diseases or
    conditions; and including physician’s directions regarding management of clients medical condition, if

Before a child can be placed in the facility, Children Under Construction must receive documentation including:

  • Consent for Treatment Forms
  • Consent for Non-prescription drugs signed by the parent or legal guardian, and
  • An emergency medical file card
  • Crisis Plan


An adolescent must meet the following criteria to be eligible for admission to the Residential Facility of Children
Under Construction.

  1. Ambulatory clients ranging from ages 6-18 years
  2. Be diagnosed by a licensed physician or psychologist as seriously emotionally, neurologically, mild or
    moderately mentally handicapped
  3. Must meet medical necessity criteria for level II services
  4. Exhibit violent or assaultive behavior, which is sufficiently intense, frequent, and out of proportion to the
    situation, including one or more of the following behaviors:

  • Be at risk for physical abuse, or neglect
  • Be at risk for inpatient treatment
  • Ready to be discharged from psychiatric hospital with no other placement available
  • Be in need or crisis stabilization
  • Be identified by Treatment/Habilitation plan due to severe emotional or behavioral problems
  • Physical attacks against other persons, with or without weapons
  • Physical attacks against personal property
  • Physical attacks against animals
  • Self abusive or injurious behavior, including suicide attempts
  • Forcible sexual attacks                
  • Receiving inappropriate treatment or education

* Clients who are in need of detoxification and/or with a primary substance   
abuse diagnosis will not be accepted for admission

All services provided by Children Under Construction must be consented to by the parent(s) or the legally
responsible person(s).

The Referring Agency, in conjunction with the staff of Children Under Construction will coordinate the acquisition of
this needed documentation.
Documents needed for admissions are the procedures for admissions packet
and the referral packet which can be downloaded and printed below.