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                                            Qualified Professional
                                                   Job Description

Position Description:

This position develops and ensures the implementation of policies and procedures, oversees the
supervision of all staff, direct supervision to all clinical staff. Facilitates or appoint a facilitator for clinical
treatment team meetings, reviews records, ensures staff meets training/in service requirements.
Oversees credentialing and privileging, ensures quality assurance, and public relations to include:
admissions, assessment, formulates diagnosis, develops and implements treatment plans, individual
therapy, family therapy, and case management. Responsibilities include monitoring of supports and
services, implementation of person-centered plans, objectives and goals, with an emphasis on
increasing community based activities and opportunities.  QP must have a solid understanding of good
person-centered practices, sex offender treatment, ability to work closely with families and case
managers and ability to work well in a changing environment.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assessing the educational and performance needs of program employees.
  • Designing, evaluating, planning, presenting and reviewing staff development and education
    activities for residential staff.
  • Coordinating the orientation process for all new employees.
  • Developing and coordinating in-service training activities for residential staff.
  • Reviewing and recommending staff participation in continuing education activities.
  • Coordinating the acquisition and dissemination of appropriate resource materials and teaching
    resources in order to foster ongoing learning and self-improvement.  Pertinent professional
    books and appropriate reference materials may be made available to staff.
  • Monitoring each employee’s participation in staff development at least 60 minutes per week and
    education activities on at least a quarterly basis, in order to assure that each employee
    participates in the required types and amounts of activities.
  • Providing clinical consultation at the facility at least twice a month
  • Maintaining complete and accurate records for each employee; documenting the extent of
    participation in staff development and education activities.

                             Education and Experience Requirements

This position requires a minimum of a Master’s in Social Work or Bachelor’s in Social Work or a related
field and at least 2 years of full time, post-bachelor’s degree accumulated mh/dd/sa experience with
the population served (adolescents).

  • Good Communication skills
  • Ability to perform CPR, First Aid, NCI, etc…
  • Knowledge of clients PCP
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