Services/Activities provided (will be integrated into the daily living)

  •        Psychiatric Consultations
  •        Clinical Consultations
  •        One on One therapy and Group therapy.
  •        Independent living skill training (laundry, meal preparation, chore completion, budgeting, hygiene)
  •        Socialization skill training (weekly outings to community resources)
  •        Leisure/recreational skill training (provision of groups on a daily basis)
  •        Medication monitoring
  •        Three (3) meals per day plus two (2) snacks and special diets
  •        Transportation to and from School
  •        Transportation to and from work.  
  •        Education Assistance (tutors, library access)
  •        Religious/Spiritual guidance available

Ongoing programs include art, computer, music and cooking classes as well as outdoor and indoor activities like
swimming, basketball, bowling, volleyball, tennis and etc.
Training Specialists help clients build and refine skills in the areas of:

•        Academic instruction                               
•        Vocational training
•        Arts and crafts
•        Recreational activities
•        Managing your Money(opening up checking and savings account)
•        Personal care and safety
•        Group work
•        Career services
•        Social skills training

Children Under Construction's staff are trained and highly qualified to deliver the services to our clients on the
highest level of care. The list below is some of the areas CUC staff are trained in:

  • North Carolina Intervention Training
  • Clients Rights and Confidentiality Training
  • Medication Administration Training
  • Bloodborne Pathogens/Seizure Management Training
  • CPR Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Sex Offender Training
  • Incident Report Training
  • HIPAA Training
  • Training to Meet the Needs of MH/DD/SAS Clients
  • Behavior System Training
  • Problem Solving Training
  • Understanding and Dealing with Anger Training
  • Teaching Strategies for Coping Training
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